We believe...

  • The Bible to be the Word of God and therefore the only basis upon which to establish one's faith and live life;

  • In one God existing as three different equal persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the one Godhead;

  • That everyone is born a sinner and as such is subjected to the wrath of God and the punishment of death;

  • That Jesus Christ having died and risen is the only redeemer who can provide salvation for men

  • That repentance of sin and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Saviour is the only means of salvation;

  • That it is the duty of Christians with the help of the Holy Spirit to live a life which will bring glory to God;

  • That Jesus Christ is the king of all nations and should be acknowledged as such by all.

 For further information on our beliefs see:-

(1) the Westminster Confession of Faith,
(2) the Larger Catechism
(3) the Shorter Catechism
(4) the RP Testimony

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